Relaxation isn’t the only health benefit that you’ll get out of beach holidays.

Text By: AzzuraSoraya Hassan

When you hear the words “General Manager”, immediately the vision of a well-postured, suit-wearing powerhouse comes to mind. Stella Enid Jacobs, General Manager of Holiday Inn Resort, Penang, is all of those things — wrapped up in a warm, welcoming and bubbly demeanour. Born and raised in Penang of Thai-Australian and Chinese descent, Stella exudes a calm and collected confidence about her role of managing a 358-room four-star beach hotel: “My main goal every day is to get my colleagues to be enthusiastic and motivated about the roles they play, so that I have a team of people who are genuinely proud of the hotel,” she says. With a hands-on approach and a seemingly endless supply of positivity, Stella is a regular mention for past guests of the Holiday Inn Resort, Penang who leave their thumbs-up reviews on famed travel! As someone who took the slowly-but-surely route up the corporate ladder, Stella’s impressive resume spans 26 years in the hotel industry. Wife to Thai-Malaysian ChianRatanapan and mother of two to 21-year-old daughter Uppasara Nicole and 17-year-old son Visarn Noel, this multi hat-wearing woman insists that a healthy work-life balance can be achieved, but not without a little effort.