It’s always heartwarming to see friendships blossom into life-long bonds. Here is one example that has managed that and much more. We speak to Dinesh and Patrice, Co-Managing Directors of Axis Connections Sdn. Bhd., the company that created the lifestyle loyalty membership card, Orient Rewards, and ask them how it all happened. This is their story…

Text By: Shanti Ganesan

Watch how it’s done,” jokes Patrice Packium as he effortlessly flashes a smile for the camera. Dinesh KarnaGanesan who is busy wiping the sweat off his forehead after his slightly difficult shoot, replies, “Whatever!”

Undoubtedly, the first thing that flashes through your mind when you meet the founders of the Orient Rewards lifestyle privilege membership is “how in the world did this happen?” Their contrasting characters seem like a recipe for disaster. Sure they look like young dynamic lads who have a common goal but it’s interesting to see how some relationships just work and what the dynamics of it can achieve. It’s safe to conclude that what you see is what you get with these two. An attribute that expresses nothing less than sheer sincerity and it is clear that this is what (apart from their respective talents of course) catapulted them to greater heights. The chalk and cheese twosome complement each other in many ways.

Dinesh is exceedingly enthusiastic with the energy to take anything on while conservative Patrice keeps everything realistic. “Dinesh is flamboyant. He doesn’t need a draft, he’ll fly,” says Patrice. “I’m the stone that holds him down to the ground. Sometimes though, he’s there when I need a lift.”